Among the start-ups confirmed are

Crafting high-quality foods that help people replace animal protein on their plates is one of the most important and exciting challenges of our time. 77 FOODS is developing plant-based products that are delicious, nutritious, sustainable and affordable to meet this challenge.

Regional harvest maps ,AI/ ML powered and process automation focused b2b digital platform integrated with routing system led Supply Chain network (Agrazon E-Mandi).  Building harvest intelligence systems to create highly optimised, resourced F&V Supply Chain solutions and resources containing post harvest damages as much as 5+ percent in next 3 years.

Agunity combines world-class expertise in blockchain technology, software development, with remote community empowerment and education for behavioural chance. We have a presence in a number of countries and our team ensures a unique combination of technical know-how and the means to deliver strategies that work in remote areas worldwide

Amai Proteins (‘Amai’ is ‘sweet’ in Japanese) cures the food we eat and beverages we drink by presenting healthy and tasty protein ingredients for everyday use. The Designer Protein Company first focus is Sweet Designer Proteins as sugar substitutes. Amai is taking sweet proteins found along the equatorial belt and applies Agile Integrative Computational Protein Design (AI-CPD) and fermentation to make the proteins fit for the mass food market.

We aim to increase the usage of ugly produce in the food industry. We utilize our unique fusion of innovative technology, expertise in design, and knowledge in culinary arts to create magical foods.

Exponential foods/Asante is based in Mexico City and we are creating delicious foods that replace animal protein with plant protein. We envision foods that improve our health, help reduce global warming and promote a compassionate culture by not killing animals. We want to create exponential change trough food.

BIOMILQ aims to provide comprehensive & sustainable infant nutrition. We’re working to produce cultured breastmilk using technology in order to offer families a more nutritious and more sustainable option for feeding babies than current dairy-based infant supplements. We’re women-owned, science-led, and mother-centered.

Bonraw Foods BONRAW aims to inspire the sweet-loving to the natural-seeking to use natural sweeteners than refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. We take naturally sweet sources from mother nature, keep things raw where possible and deliver to market the most nutritious natural sweet for all uses around the home and in application.

Borrago is a naturally delicious, steam distilled, botanical, non-alcoholic spirit. Designed to be mixed not drunk straight. We call it a spirit as you use it as the base for grown-up non-alcoholic cocktails. Deliciously dry, with sweet floral notes on the nose, a layered, textured middle and a long finish, its a drink worth celebrating with.

Our mission is to simplify livestock farming, helping you produce and market more profitable animals with higher welfare and less waste.  At the heart of Breedr are our amazing farmers who share our vision for a highly productive and sustainable meat industry, supplying the highest quality meat our consumers dem

CellulaREvolution is a spin-out from Newcastle University and as such has strong academic and scientific roots, whilst now focusing on further product development and commercialisation.  Our technologies can be used for various cell types and applications, making it suitable for any companies active in the culturing of cells regardless of whether they are active in the field of cultured meat, cell therapy or biologics.

CHKP is an early-stage alternative dairy company based in Israel and the US. We have developed a wide range of products, thus far having perfected milk, creamer, yogurt, cream cheese, and pudding. CHKP is the first company in the world to develop dairy products from chickpea protein isolate and has gained priceless, proprietary know-how on using the ingredient to create alternative dairy products with exceptional taste, texture, and nutritional values.

Climate Edge develops digital tools to support organisations deliver valuable services to smallholder farmers and communities in emerging markets.  Our tools make it effortless and painless to make bespoke services which utilise SMS, IVR and WhatsApp, and which can be integrated with data services such as weather forecasts, market information, and a plethora more.

Eagle Genomics Ltd. provides data management platform for healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, and personal care sectors. The company offers solution for bioinformatics, computational, and systems biology; and focuses in the field of management and analysis of genomic data, including sequencing tech.

EcoNomad are a non-profit start-up whose vision is to spread awareness of how to live waste free as much as possible, with minimal resources in minimal space.  We are on a mission to help small farms to improve resource management sustainability and agricultural waste recycling while enabling their autonomy and self-sufficiency.

Elemental is an innovative process technology Devon based company that holds international patents and intellectual property.  The Elemental technology reduces the economic cost and environmental impact of food production by preventing waste through the conversion of discarded organic material into sustainable protein-rich food ingredients, edible fats and a regenerative phosphate-rich organo-mineral fertiliser – thereby turning an international food processing waste problem into valuable sustainable products. 

EmptyMyFridge is an all-in-one home food waste app that helps you find recipes based on ingredients you already have.  Users can easily track food expiry dates and create a grocery list. Our goal is to make it effortless to reduce home food waste.

EntoCube is a Nordic leader in food insect farming solutions. They offer state of the art farming solutions for production of edible insects at commercial scales. The premium Samu crickets are available for wholesale and for the food industry.

Entoprot technology harnesses the biology of the most protein efficient insect; black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae can grow 7000 times larger in two weeks. This is two to three times higher than for most other insects, e.g. crickets. Entoprot has developed a patented semi-automatic mini factory to produce protein. 

Wedding! Honeymoon! Recipes! Cooking sauces & Snacks company bringing Flavours Around The World to You.  Our sauces have won Great Taste Awards & they are low fat, low sugar, low calories, no added preservatives or additives and no compromise on flavour and taste. Launched in December 2016, our 7 cooking sauces are listed with retailers inc. Ocado, Coop Midcounties, Amazon, wholesale partners & cooking live on QVC.

 Farmforce is a cloud-hosted web and mobile platform enabling transparency and digital management in the first mile of agricultural value chains. We support organizations to understand where their products originate and how they were grown. Farmforce is specifically focused on first mile operations, and our solution is designed to be practical and works successfully in challenging and remote locations. offers more than 10.000 hand-pick products from over 900 authentic producers – find everything for your weekly grocery shopping in one market place online.

MapMyApple helps you by predicting diseases and pests in your apple orchard 7 days in advance, saves you money by optimizing the number of spraying activities and improving the quality of the fruit.  MapMyApple reduces spraying costs significantly by spraying only when there’s a risk of infection and increase yields and fruit quality by protecting timely. 

Good Club is making sustainable living accessible to everyone. As an online grocer, we provide sustainable brands and staples at 20% to 30% lower than other retailers. Our new Zero Waste range allows customers to buy their staples in reusable pots which are returned to Good Club for cleaning and reuse. 

Greener Beans exists to make shopping more sustainably easy and rewarding. We guide you to make simple swaps, providing suggestions for more sustainable products you could buy.  No change is too small. Together we can all make a real difference to our planet. 

Gwiker produces delicious Shiitake mushrooms without any chemicals or pesticides. Through an ecological dehydration process we dry our mushrooms in a 100% natural way, using solar energy, a renewable and clean energy source. 

Guditalia is a new and dynamic online platform that offers buyers and distributors a carefully selected range of the highest quality Italian food and beverage at the best price. Designed to be a Single Source Solution for buyers in the food and beverage industry, Guditalia allows its customers to browse, select and with one click buy some of Italy’s finest products quickly, simply and with full traceability. 

The award-winning Hargol – Hebrew for grasshopper – is tapping into two key elements driving the global food and agriculture ecosystems – nutrition and sustainability. And with a new line of grasshoppers, Hargol is hoping to bring this unique nutritional source to more markets.

Hummingbird Technologies is an Artificial Intelligence business that provides advanced crop analytics to its customers by using proprietary Machine Learning algorithms applied to remote sensing captured imagery.  Our expertise allows our customers: to increase their yields, optimise chemical inputs, farm more sustainably and make earlier, more informed decisions.

Imagindairy, a deep tech startup, is creating affordable animal-free milk proteins that enable foods that have all the familiar great taste, mouthfeel, and nutritional value of dairy products, with none of the health or sustainability drawbacks. With our unique technology, we enable cost-effective production of dairy alternatives that will ultimately free the dairy food industry from dependence on animals.

Jack & Chill launched in January 2019 with a mission to educate everyone about the versatility of JACKFRUIT. And we went on to create 2 Frozen delicious meals – Jackfruit Burgers & Biryani with natural ingredients & seasonings to enjoy at the comfort of your home. 

Kinoko-Tech is the developer of an alternative protein based on fungal mycelium mushrooms, legumes, and grains. The company ferments the mycelium, improving its nutritional value as well as its texture and flavor. Kinoko-Tech’s growing system is sustainable and ecologically friendly. 

LiberEat is a free app to filter food and menus by ingredients for people with specific dietary restrictions.  It’s theonly app that allows you to see the exact menu items at restaurants you and your other saved profiles can have. With over 1400 venues of major chains including Pret, All Bar One, Browns, and Harvester.

Lunch.Co is a marketplace app exclusive for your workplace where colleagues can buy and sell their home-cooked meals to each other. Discover new flavours and meals, evolve your cooking, connect with your colleagues and eat better while doing good and wasting less. This is what transforming lunch at work looks like. 

Mama Dolce is a luxury dessert company with a conscience. We help students from low socio-economic backgrounds reach the dizzying heights of their chosen career. How will we do this? By churning luxury, free-from, ice cream! We have created 6 flavours: from the traditional Vanilla and Chocolate, to our signature flavour: Banana and Lime.

Mary’s Recipes is a free mobile app that generates a balanced menu plan and helps to buy food in one click. Users will have a personalised weekly plan, along with a customed menu for all of your family’s need

Millo Appliances is a foodtech startup company on a mission to inspire the global community to adopt a healthier and more sustainable diet by developing innovative solutions for simple, enjoyable food preparation. We start with MILLO, the world’s smartest, quietest and safest blender, designed to fit our busy lifestyles.

MyCrops provides horticulture farmers a Digital Agronomist service by analyzing their plants’ images with machine vision, enabling them to eliminate crop waste, reduce costs and improve yields.

NEMIS is a Swiss startup transforming microbiological detection in the fields of food safety, clinical diagnostics, water safety, and animal health. We empower users to minimize their risks by providing a unique lab-free detection system that is simple to use. Our groundbreaking platform technology offers a powerful alternative to existing methods. 

Nutrilogy Health’s mission is to make impossible come true – we believe eating better gives us the power to live better, think better and be better. Our mission is to empower, educate and inspire people to help them make sustainable and lasting changes to achieve a healthy, fulfilled and balanced lifestyle. As part of our mission, our team of nutritionists will work hand-in-hand with Maharanis Kitchen, to create and bring chef inspired and nutritious homemade, preservative free vegetarian(mostly plant based) 

Nymble is a consumer robotics start-up building Robotic Assistants for the Kitchen. These are smart kitchen appliances that will sit on your kitchen shelf and cook complete meals autonomously. Having run preliminary trials in San Francisco and in India, we are now expanding our team, with financial backing from some of the smartest and boldest entrepreneurs in the global tech ecosystem.

Phytolon utilizes current scientific advancements to bring biotechnology-based, natural, high-quality food-colorants to the market in a cost-effective manner for the benefit of better human health and environmental sustainability. The company was founded in 2018 as a startup leveraging a proprietary, fermentation-based technology for the production of plant-based food colors.

Phytoponics has developed sector leading technology through creative problem solving, product development, DWC agronomy, system integration and commercial horticulture business development, giving Phytoponics a unique edge build from co-founder Adam Dixon’s vision of a scalable, sustainable intensive agriculture that works commercially. Phytoponics serves the agricultural sector, specifically protected horticulture, by increasing the marginal economic and aggregate resource efficiencies of growing fresh produce via their technology.

Pink Albatross began making its mainly cashew and coconut milk based ice creams in June 2019, outsourcing production to a small artisanal manufacturing facility in a town called Avila, near Madeirs. Last year, the company won a place in an incubator programme run by ProVeg, a Berlin -based promotor of plant based business.

At Plant Jammer, our vision is to fight climate change and stop food waste, by empowering people to cook more plant-based food. How? Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, we unleash people’s creativity in cooking. With the Plant Jammer app, people learn to love cooking and discover food pairs they never imagined existed. 

ProAgni is an agriculture biotech founded by a team of primary producers and industry experts.  ProAgni is focused on improving economic outcomes for producers, whilst helping the industry tackle key global challenges, such as food security, antimicrobial resistance, and reducing emissions.

Born Maverick design and create new healthy food products delivered in a caring and sustainable way that is good for the earth and its inhabitants. Our products are dairy free, gluten free, non GMO and do not contain any added preservatives or sugars. Most importantly they are nutritious ad vegan friendly.

Recotrak utilizes innovative technology that monitors the temperature of cooked food and the length of time it has been left out for. This data will increase the amount of food that can be safely, confidently donated, thus contributing to our efforts to reduce food waste and sprout a circular economy.

Reduced is an innovative food production company.  We specialise in creating high-quality food products made from organic surplus produce.  Our mission is to reduce food waste by using vegetables, protein and other sources of nutrition leftover from the conventional food industry. Always with a focus on taste, quality and sustainability. 

RootWave uses electricity to kill weeds and is a sustainable and regenerative alternative to chemical herbicides.  RootWave sells a professional weeder and is developing agricultural solutions for cereals, vegetables and fruit crops.  The technology is protected with granted and pending patents.  RootWave is revenue generating and has completed Series A funding.

SideChef is an all-in-one home cooking platform and award winning app, allowing users to discover from 16,000 step-by-step recipes, meal plan, order ingredients from online grocers, and control their smart kitchens, in a seamless cooking experience.

Soiltech was founded in collaboration with farmers to develop technology that can help optimize crop production across the whole Ag supply chain. In addition to providing in-ground data, the Soiltech Sensor uniquely goes beyond the field and travels with the crop all the way from soil to storage. It monitors moisture, temperature, humidity, impacts, and GPS location. These data points are transmitted to its cloud platform via a secure LTE-M/NB-IOT cellular network and transformed into actionable insights in an effort to help increase yields and reduce environmental impacts. 

Reimagine the way you access fresh foodsmoodi designed, built and patented a healthy ‘smoothie-store-in-a-box’ that makes delicious, on-the-go nutrition convenient (razor-blade model: our machine doesn’t require any human operator since it is self-cleaning; our frozen consumables contain 100% natural fruits and vegetables, no added sugar and are vegan).

Sibö is a biomaterial company with the purpose of leading the food industry to a sustainable future. We create a series of solutions by farming insects with the help of families and women in rural areas of tropical countries and using circular economy practices to avoid any waste and take advantage of food waste streams from other companies for our farming production, then separating essential bio-components such as protein or fiber, and developing thoughtful innovations that can help the food industry be greener and more efficient. 

At Suggestic we are using artificial intelligence to decipher the language of food. Beyond thinking of food as fuel, we now understand that it can be decoded and used as an information source that modulates our biology. We combine this new language of food with the latest nutrition science and augmented reality to enable “precision eating.” Precision eating allows us to lose weight, increase vitality and prevent or even reverse chronic disease, all while enhancing our longevity.

Trusty is a platform that helps food producers to improve Experience and Engagement of the Customers through a full disclosure about the provenance and ingredients of products, journeying through the entire supply-chain. Trusty uses Blockchain technology in order to certify and secure all the information about a product.

Tumchi is a nutritional science company on a mission to restore health, balance and resilience – for people and for the planet. We provide unique analysis of human gut microbiome to create a personalised nutrition solution. One in eight people suffer from poor gut health and a third of food bought is thrown away. 

Verdify develops innovative software for personalised nutrition, powered by artificial intelligence. Verdify has the ultimate ambition of minimising the burden of disease attributable to dietary factors and maximising the health benefit of diets, globally. This is pursued by implementing an AI-powered platform for guideline-based recipe personalisation. 

WeResQ is an integrated app that helps you manage your food at home so that you optimize your kitchen while saving money.  Our mission is to provide busy people with the best practical and enjoyable tool to manage their pantry and minimize their food waste at home