Carmit Oron

CEO and Co-Founder, The ACT Hub

Carmit is the Co-Founder and CEO of the ACT innovation hub. ACT is a platform supporting the development of new innovative food startups providing them critical culinary and operational advisory, supporting their go to market strategy, and helping founders scale and raise funding.

Carmit is used to work with both Israeli and large multinationals as well as family-owned companies where she took management roles in business development. Carmit started her career in the insurance world within AIG Following that, she worked as a health division manager at a leading insurance broker and VP business development in a financial services firm where she successfully carried out projects for startups, VC's and large multinationals.

As the head of value creation at SOSA, a leading hub for startups, she gained experience and passion working with flexible, dedicated, and passionate founders, supporting their growth. Carmit is the co-founder at WMN, an Israeli network of women innovators, designed to support women building the next generation of businesses shaping the future. Carmit’s most significant advantage is her ability to combine strong business skills to create proven, outstanding results.

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