Claudia Rössler

Director of Agriculture, Azure Global Engineering Group, Microsoft

Claudia Roessler is Director Agriculture in Microsoft Azure Global Engineering. She is responsible for developing strategic partnerships for Digital Innovation and Ag Tech in the agriculture ecosystem. She helps organizations to achieve growth through digital solutions enabled by data & advanced analytics.

Claudia Roessler joined Microsoft in 1992 in Munich, Germany. Her career is focused on Industry Solutions and Business Development. She assumed international roles in several disciplines including Business Development, Strategy & Operations, Sales & Marketing, and Industry.

Claudia Roessler is also on the Board of Directors for Ag Growth International. She is Venture Partner for Radicle Growth helping Entrepreneurs and Start-ups in Food and Agriculture. She supports “Women for Agriculture” as part of their Advisory Board for Women in Food and Agriculture and MS. AI, a philanthropic initiative uniting people who support our mission to enable 10 million women in Europe with AI by 2023.