Food Tech Matters 2018 connected the most innovative food tech startups from all over Europe with corporates, accelerators, investors and business services.  

2018 participants included:

Mathys & Squire is a world-leading specialist Intellectual Property (IP) firm, providing Patent, Trade Mark, Design and Litigation services in all technology sectors. We have particular expertise in Food Technology, and our dedicated Food & Beverage team has filed and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications in this highly innovative field, with clients ranging from household names such as PepsiCo, Quaker Oats, and Warburtons, through to SMEs and start-ups.

The Bayer foundations have been acting as catalysts for societal progress and frontier innovations ever since Friedrich Bayer Junior laid the basis for first activities in 1897.  Today, two corporate foundations support pioneers all around the globe in six programme areas ranging from frontier science to social challenges in health and nutrition related topics.

Forward Fooding is the world’s first collaborative platform for the food and beverage industry.  Headquartered in London, they run a global network of entrepreneurs powered by entrepreneurs that provides the necessary support and velocity to enable collaborations and partnerships between established food organizations and startups.

The Breakthrough Group is a social impact business putting ‘profit for purpose’ at the centre of our thinking. In 2016 they put 41% of their profits back into social impact activities and in 2017 it was 52%.  The profitable side of the business is in R&D tax relief. Since they started trading in April 2015 they’ve been helping small companies grow into great big ones by accessing this government incentive. The Breakthrough Group secured £40 million in cash or tax relief for theirclients as of 31 December 2017, helping those business owners make their ambitions come true and creating 150 new jobs in the process.

PRINCIPLES INSIGHT is an insight agency based in Leeds with 25+ years of history specialising in bespoke insight programmes. They find the best ways to get close to consumer truths and answer your business questions. Whether you’re a start-up or well established business they have the tools to support your strategic needs.’ 

ToasterLAB is a FoodTech and AgTech business acceleration program, launched by Vitagora, a leading European food business cluster. It is backed by top players from throughout the food business value chain. From its base in Dijon and Paris, ToasterLAB helps promising start-ups and SMEs to scale up and industrialise their products and services and accelerate their time to market – faster, further, smarter.

Seedrs is the UK’s most active funder of private companies and Europe’s leading equity crowdfunding platform. The platform allows users from the UK and Europe to invest into growth focused European businesses of their choice. For businesses Seedrs makes it possible for early-stage businesses from UK and Europe to raise funds from a diverse range of investors, from angels and venture capitalists, to friends and family from £100K to €8M. Seedrs, launched over six years ago, and so far over £420 million for 590 companies across the UK and Europe has been raised on the platform for the likes of Revolut, Oppo, Chapel Down, Spare Fruit, Oddbox, or West Berkshire Brewery. 

Established in 1886, the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK is one of the oldest of the 80 Italian chambers abroad and it is an independent, non-profit making network organisation devoted to promoting and extending business relations between the UK and Italy. Today the Chamber has around 400 members. It offers a wide range of both standard and personalised services to members and non-members and assists trade and investments in both directions. The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK is involved for the first time in Food Matters Live with the its own pavilion, and it will provide a complete and customized support to Italian companies.

Co:cubed are a London-based agency specialising in corporate-startup collaboration. They work with FTSE 100 clients including Vodafone, Adidas, PwC, Burberry and Diageo to define, build and execute their collaboration strategy. With a global network of over 500,000 startups, the Co:cubed team come from diverse corporate backgrounds and understand the unique challenges of landing innovation in large organisations. 

Founded in 1931, Sluys International is a Duffel (Belgium) based manufacturer of Flavour, Drink Concentrate and Beverage Emulsion. Family owned and managed, Sluys International is a purveyor of taste and smell within the varied sub-sectors of food 
and beverage.  Today, with more than 80 years of experience, the dynamic team is a reflection of artists, idealists and businessmen challenging new frontiers.


Food & Drink Technology is an editorially led, real-time publication (news source) featuring the best in technical and business news, analysis, comment, interviews and product developments across Europe. From a strong editorial base and published 10 times a year, Food & Drink Technology is well placed to provide the best possible coverage of industry developments and guarantees a high profile at exhibitions, conferences and industry events.

ChemExecSM | Executive Network is a dedicated online professional network for chemicals, materials, resources and bioscience professionals on a worldwide basis.

Chemical Search International
 specialises in global executive search, talent acquisition and professional career development services for chemicals, materials, resources and bioscience professionals.

Meet the innovative start-up participants:

Higher Steaks has developed an eco-friendly, animal friendly solution to producing meat products by using state-of-the-art cell culture techniques.  A small sample of cells is taken from the animal which are then fed rich, animal free growth media to produce meat products.

Magellan Life Sciences develops proprietary protein engineering and expression platforms. These platforms are used to develop novel proteins for the food, health and nutrition sector. They are global leaders in developing Brazzein as the next generation non-caloric sweetener.

By creating accessible, affordable freshness indicators for all types of perishable products, from food to pharmaceuticals, Mimica aims to become the globally recognised mark of freshness for industry, consumers and communities.

Natural machines are the makers of Foodini: the first 3D food printer + IoT kitchen appliance to contribute to a healthy eating lifestyle.  Foodini enables you to print your food onto a plate in precise portions and shapes. By layering these shapes you can build real 3D creations that take your dishes to another level.

Winnow helps companies in hospitality reduce food waste and cost, increase gross profit, while decreasing impact on environment. They bring smart devices into the kitchen and empower chefs and staff to get the most from their kitchens and reduce unnecessary wastage by providing granular, actionable information on food waste.

3F BIO is a biotechnology company making protein sustainable by “making more with less.”They work to tackle the combined issues of feeding a growing global population and the unsustainable impact of traditional protein farming.

Nutribloc creates products that help people join theundeniable movement towards a more plant-based diet. The first product, currently under development, is an all-natural, great tasting, compact block of blended superfoods,adaptogens, and plant-based protein powder that disperses in liquids to create a nutritious drink or boost a smoothie.

Gigi gelato is a delicious ice cream made from fruit and vegetables.  The ice-cream is 100% vegan, 100% natural, easy to scoop and low calorie.  Available in a range of different flavours.

EDERNA has patented the next generation of cold concentration technology.  This innovative process called evapEOs®, allows new natural functional and food ingredients to be developed with high added value and at reduced production costs. EDERNA has launched its Cold Brew Coffee Concentrates Manufacturing Service with market-beating unmatched sensory profile products.

Little Tummy is the first digital vertical children’s food brand in Europe. They deliver fresh, organic baby foods straight to parent’s doorstep, making busy lives of healthy families a bit easier. Using HPP (High-Pressure-Processing) allows them to produce healthier foods for little ones. 

Flocon is the producer of organic and vegan biscuits. Available in three flavors (black pepper, fennel seeds and Guérande salt), these “uninhibited snacks” surf the trend: organic and composed only of plant-based products, they are gluten-free, GMO-free, preservative-free.

Bio-tiful Dairy produce award-winning Kefir and Kefir Smoothies – a nutritious way to boost your vitality and wellbeing.  Containing gut-friendly bacteria and essential vitamins & minerals, the smoothies are made very best of British milk and act as a support for digestion, the immune system and energy levels.

Azotic Technologies Ltd was established to develop and commercialise a natural nitrogen technology that provides a sustainable solution to fertiliser overuse. This nitrogen-fixing bacteria is a patented disruptive technology which will have a huge impact on agriculture.

Crické produces high protein, nutritious, cricket-based protein powders and crackers – an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Made using 100% natural ingredients as sesame and extra-virgin olive oil. They’re High in Vit B12, low in sugar. is a cutting edge tool that enables you to check & track the benefits of your daily food so you can be fitter, healthier, stronger and more resistant to infection & disease.

Scraegg is the new type of scrambled egg which can be prepared in just 15 seconds with water steam, without using fat or a pan.  The egg mass is heated by steam and whisked evenly. The ingredients are swirled by the patented steam nozzle and the appearance of small air bubbles creates a unique, fluffy texture

SV365 Technologies supply innovative technology for the food service and Vending industry, providing back and front of house labour saving solutions. They source technologies, innovation and equipment to bring to market products that increase sales and efficiency.

Essenzefruits developed a new range of products using our latest technology that extract from fruits and vegetables preserving real taste and maintaining vitamins and minerals.

Youmeal is an an innovative, intuitive SaaS software for the nutritional, economic and environmental analysis of recipes. In developing their recipe analysis and management software, they set out to partake in the building of a sustainable world and to contribute to the action for healthy food in all sectors of food production and distribution.

KRIKET is a delicious snack. An irresistible mix of nuts, grains, seeds and crickets, and 100% sourced in Brussels. Made with cricket flour, an extremely sustainable source of highest-quality proteins, produced at a circular cricket farm in the heart of Brussels.

BIOTRAQ has developed an IoT platform that calculates perishables products’ quality in real-time to guarantee safety and prevent waste.

Meet the French Pavillion Startups:

Born from the belief that too much fossil-based plastic is used to package fresh food products, VIRGIN BIO PACK designs and manufactures hybrid packaging solutions that combine plastic with a more environmentally friendly cellulosic base.

Graine Up offers delicious juices from the germination of different seeds. Ideal for athletes, seniors or just those who wish to take a step towards a better diet, healthy and natural. 

Funky Veggie offers gourmet & surprising snacks, with only good things inside. After the “Balls”, the new products “Ball Hearts” are snacks based on dates and nuts too, but this time with fondant hearts, peanut butter or “Funkytella” (the Funky version and 100% natural spread!

Resurrection gives a second life to the malt used to make beer. Its crackers are the fruit of a local and zero waste approach – large quantities of brewer’s spent grains are collected from artisanal and organic brewers and transformed into delicious recipes!  They are low in salt and fat and form part of a healthy diet.

Easilys offers full web and mobile ERP for restaurants, to allow them to refocus on their core business: cooking and guest experience. They rely on new technologies, electronic data exchange etc. to digitize and automate the supply and management of institutions.

Connecting Food uses new technologies (Blockchain, cloud, artificial intelligence) to offer 2 solutions to customers: Live Audit and Track & Show. Their solutions are available through the cloud (SaaS) and customers pay an annual subscription to access them.

Fooding Company is a development and distribution studio for food brands.
Their business is to accompany, market and activate brands with the ambition to create the food of tomorrow. They do this through analysis, marketing and development.


Comerso offers a wide range of simple and secure solutions both to businesses to help them reduce and add value to their unsold goods, and
to charities to help them collect quality food and non-food items on a daily basis

EZ Lab is an innovative startup specialized in blockchain and advanced softwares in the smart agri-food sector with the aim to digitalize the agriculture industry and to enhance the high quality production.

AgriOpenDataBlockchain For Food is the first platform that supports farmers in the traceability and in the certification of agricultural products by using the blockchain technology and smart contracts. the blockchain system allows to control all the transactions along the entire supply chain, increasing the high quality production, improving the environmental sustainability and guaranteeing transparency and safety to the final consumer.”