I’m an energetic entrepreneur, with a vision on connecting companies around great solutions.

Wasteless is the world’s first machine learning and real-time tracking solution for grocery stores to offer customers dynamic pricing based on product expiration date.

Just in Case a circular building system. Flexible, reusable, sustainable. Buidling blocks that fit like a glove.

Now on my third start-up, exited from my eMedicine start-up in 2011. Most of my experience led up to this ambitious endeavour: from as early as 1996 I’ve enjoyed taking ‘existing business approaches’ and enriching them with the possibilities and requirements of the internet. Turning a magazine into a website, a standing medical procedure into a patient-centered on-line clinic, a static visit to a museum into a longterm relationship, empowering vehicles with the wealth of telematics as Mobileye’s successful independent business developer. You know Mobileye, it’s the vision technology inside BMW, Volvo, Tesla.

Some universal rules apply to renewal and change, in which technology can be one of the enablers.

As a patron, my hands-on involvement with cultural institutions took off in 2001, concentrating primarily on the financial, organizational, marketing and strategic fronts. Taking the audience’s experience as the starting point, I develop applications that realize the full potential of cultural institutions and their stakeholders. Nurturing the relationship with visitors, both on- and offline and developing that to meet the challenges of a demanding landscape… that’s where my passion is.

Specialties: Innovation
Empowering innovative partnerships
Out-of-the-box thinking and action
Realization of projects on a monumental scale
Photo credits: Guido van Nispen