Discover and connect with an exclusive line-up of the most revolutionary tech, products & solutions at Food Tech Matters November.

Would you like to meet an audience of game-changing start-ups that are disrupting the agri-foodtech scene?

Join Food Tech Matters online event in November for an unmissable opportunity to learn more ground-breaking technologies and innovations set to power the future of food and farming. Through themed start-up pitch sessions and a premium matchmaking service, Food Tech Matters will connect you with the most promising talent from all over the world.  

You can register as an individual delegate or register with our team industry pass, allowing 5 team members to join the event. 

Sample of the April event start-ups

Nymble builds cooking robots to help busy households automate everyday cooking
Phytolon brings natural food colors to the next level, by offering the food industry an ultimate solution for healthy, cost-efficient, and high-quality natural food colors
Kinoko-Tech is offering the ability to generate good nutritional values and texture, to produce a variety of mycelium-based products
Farmforce is a cloud-hosted web and mobile platform enabling transparency and digital management in agricultural value chains
NEMIS is responding to the current challenge by offering a rapid, easy-to-use and cost-effective testing technology for the on-site laboratory-free detection of live bacteria.
Recently named by Tech Nation as one of the 10 most exciting early stage tech companies in the UK Libereat’s technology improves allergen safety in product labelling and food service.
Aromyx provides quantitative testing of human receptors to provide actionable data insights to our customers.
Born Maverick Food Innovation Ltd design and create globally competitive futuristic food products delivered in a caring and sustainable way that is good for the earth and its inhabitants.
ANINA creates unique RTC meal capsules 100% natural, rich in vegetables and nutrients, ease of use, designed by designers, and made from fresh ugly produce.
Mama Dolce is a luxury dessert company with a conscience. We help students from low socio-economic backgrounds reach the dizzying heights of their chosen career.
Sophie's BioNutrients are unlocking macro-nutrients at the micro-level by developing a new sustainable plant-based protein out of microalgae
Borrago makes naturally delicious grown-up drinks with no alcohol, sugar or calories. A botanical base, used like a spirit for delicious cocktails. Vegan and vegitarian friendly.

Hear pitches from a curated selection of the most disruptive innovators during themed sessions

Future of Agtech


  • Machinery
  • Vertical farming
  • Remote crop optimisation

Next-Gen Food/Drink


  • Alt ingredients
  • Plant based
  • Insect based
  • Immuno boosting
  • Clean cell based

Sustainable Food Production


  • Food safety/sensors
    Supply chain digitisation
  • Safety sensors
  • Blockchain
  • Surplus/waste
  • Upcycling/packaging

Consumer apps


  • E-grocery
  • Home cooking
  • Personalised nutrition
  • Recipes

Benefit from a personal, premium matchmaking service to connect you with businesses most relevant to you

Networking takes up valuable time and Food Tech Matters streamlines that process so that you spend less time searching and more time collaborating. The Food Tech Matters partnerships team works closely with industry partners to fully understand your objectives and areas of innovation.  Get connected with companies that fit your criteria via a dedicated 1-2-1 video meetings platform which runs during the two day event.

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