Among the April sustainable food production start-ups confirmed were;

Sonja Eliason Manager, Strategy & Operations at Eagle Genomics Ltd
Eugene Wang Co-Founder & CEO at Sophie's BioNutrients Pte,
CEO & Co-founder at ANINA Culinary Art
Victor Chapela CEO at Suggestic
Ahmad Mu'azzam CEO and Co-Founder Evocco
CEO & Co-Founder at Sibö

Regional harvest maps ,AI/ ML powered and process automation focused b2b digital platform integrated with routing system led Supply Chain network (Agrazon E-Mandi).  Building harvest intelligence systems to create highly optimised, resourced F&V Supply Chain solutions and resources containing post harvest damages as much as 5+ percent in next 3 years.

Agunity combines world-class expertise in blockchain technology, software development, with remote community empowerment and education for behavioural chance. We have a presence in a number of countries and our team ensures a unique combination of technical know-how and the means to deliver strategies that work in remote areas worldwide

We aim to increase the usage of ugly produce in the food industry. We utilize our unique fusion of innovative technology, expertise in design, and knowledge in culinary arts to create magical foods.

Our mission is to simplify livestock farming, helping you produce and market more profitable animals with higher welfare and less waste.  At the heart of Breedr are our amazing farmers who share our vision for a highly productive and sustainable meat industry, supplying the highest quality meat our consumers dem

Climate Edge develops digital tools to support organisations deliver valuable services to smallholder farmers and communities in emerging markets.  Our tools make it effortless and painless to make bespoke services which utilise SMS, IVR and WhatsApp, and which can be integrated with data services such as weather forecasts, market information, and a plethora more.

Eagle Genomics Ltd. provides data management platform for healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, and personal care sectors. The company offers solution for bioinformatics, computational, and systems biology; and focuses in the field of management and analysis of genomic data, including sequencing tech.

EcoNomad Solutions is an agritech / cleantech start-up. Our ambition is to reduce environmental impact of livestock smallholdings through animal waste-to-energy conversion on small scale and locally. Using a number of proprietary technologies, we deliver affordable and easy to use solutions for small size farms to increase their ability to operate sustainably, off the grid and benefit from that.

Elemental is an innovative process technology Devon based company that holds international patents and intellectual property.  The Elemental technology reduces the economic cost and environmental impact of food production by preventing waste through the conversion of discarded organic material into sustainable protein-rich food ingredients, edible fats and a regenerative phosphate-rich organo-mineral fertiliser – thereby turning an international food processing waste problem into valuable sustainable products. 

 Farmforce is a cloud-hosted web and mobile platform enabling transparency and digital management in the first mile of agricultural value chains. We support organizations to understand where their products originate and how they were grown. Farmforce is specifically focused on first mile operations, and our solution is designed to be practical and works successfully in challenging and remote locations.

NEMIS is a Swiss startup transforming microbiological detection in the fields of food safety, clinical diagnostics, water safety, and animal health. We empower users to minimize their risks by providing a unique lab-free detection system that is simple to use. Our groundbreaking platform technology offers a powerful alternative to existing methods. 

At Plant Jammer, our vision is to fight climate change and stop food waste, by empowering people to cook more plant-based food. How? Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, we unleash people’s creativity in cooking. With the Plant Jammer app, people learn to love cooking and discover food pairs they never imagined existed. 

Recotrak utilizes innovative technology that monitors the temperature of cooked food and the length of time it has been left out for. This data will increase the amount of food that can be safely, confidently donated, thus contributing to our efforts to reduce food waste and sprout a circular economy.

Reduced is an innovative food production company.  We specialise in creating high-quality food products made from organic surplus produce.  Our mission is to reduce food waste by using vegetables, protein and other sources of nutrition leftover from the conventional food industry. Always with a focus on taste, quality and sustainability. 

Powered by existing cellular towers and proprietary software, the Soiltech wireless moisture sensor provides insights farms need to manage operations without difficult setup or extra equipment.  With simple installation, the device automatically shows up in the app, connects to your account, reads the soil type, calibrates, monitors moisture levels, and collects data.

Sibö is a biomaterial company with the purpose of leading the food industry to a sustainable future. We create a series of solutions by farming insects with the help of families and women in rural areas of tropical countries and using circular economy practices to avoid any waste and take advantage of food waste streams from other companies for our farming production, then separating essential bio-components such as protein or fiber, and developing thoughtful innovations that can help the food industry be greener and more efficient. 

We are developing a new sustainable plant-based protein out of microalgae.
We have a proprietary strain of microalgae which can grow in a fermentation tank, be fed on various food waste, and could be harvested in just 3 days. Our microalgae has 60% of protein which has high quality essential amino acids profile, exceeding WHO requirements for protein products.  

WeResQ is an integrated app that helps you manage your food at home so that you optimize your kitchen while saving money.  Our mission is to provide busy people with the best practical and enjoyable tool to manage their pantry and minimize their food waste at home

At Suggestic we are using artificial intelligence to decipher the language of food. Beyond thinking of food as fuel, we now understand that it can be decoded and used as an information source that modulates our biology. We combine this new language of food with the latest nutrition science and augmented reality to enable “precision eating.” Precision eating allows us to lose weight, increase vitality and prevent or even reverse chronic disease, all while enhancing our longevity.