With 20+ years of experience in the Internet sector I coach and invest in Internet companies with scalable and disruptive capabilities. If it is about food-tech. Solving the Big Question on how to feed soon 9 Billion people in a healthy and sustainable way demands all the innovation we can produce. When the biggest industry on the planet gets disrupted, times will be exciting.

Stuff I do:

Chairman of Internet Society Special Interest Group Internet of Food

The global discussion regarding how to create new Internet backbone standards for the digital aspects of food – taking food truly digital in an open, data-centric, cost efficient way, ensuring transparency and open standards on which to innovate further.

Chairman FundedByMe.com

FundedByMe.com is one of Europe’s leading equity crowdfunding platforms.

Founder Sweden FoodTech

Swedenfoodtech.com accelerates transformative entrepreneurship within the next generation food system. We educate and advise, accelerate and connect.

Smaka på Stockholm

One of the world’s largest food festivals, from June 2017 layered with food-tech, turning Stockholm into the only place where a gigantic food festival acts as an agent for change.

Stuff I have done:

Director USA Pavilion Innovation Program, Expo2015

At the World Expo in Milan in 2015, we took the US tech and innovation system to the world of food. We accelerated 10 entrepreneurs from across the world, showcased them at the Expo and brought great speakers that shed new light on the future development of food. I like to think it was the best innovation program at the Expo, though competition was not as steep as I had hoped.