Food Tech Matters 2021 partners include

The Danish-UK Association, formerly the Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce and the Danish Club; is a vibrant and flourishing space for all things business, social and cultural between the UK and Denmark. Founded in January 2018, building on a legacy started in 1863. There is a lot going on that you must join in with and our founding belief is that we are a ‘Forening’ – a word that best translates from Danish as ‘Association’ or ‘Fellowship’, meaning we are member-driven. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.
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KitchenTown is a food startup incubator and global innovation platform that helps develop, commercialize, and launch impact-driven food products. By providing tailored support and the right resources at the right times, KitchenTown seeks to drive positive change in the food system from the ground up. At its 20,000 square foot campus in the San Francisco Bay Area (and now Berlin, Germany), food startups and legacy food brands have access to a commercial scale-up facility, product development lab, a brand partnerships program, and a thriving community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and changemakers. Founded in 2014, KitchenTown has had the honor of working with hundreds of startups, many of which have become thought leaders and significant, successful food businesses.
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ShakeUpFactory is a business accelerator and network catalyst, adding value in growth and transformation for breakthrough projects from farm to fork. We leverage a community of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors to provide tailored support and advice to international startups and entrepreneurs. We build on a solid network of international partners to provide business development opportunities, initiate and accompany efficient collaboration programs with corporations and also attract funding. 
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Sweden Foodtech accelerates innovation for the future of food. As one of the main thought leaders in the Nordic foodtech ecosystem, our team focuses on innovation programs and business development opportunities, sharing specific competencies and diverse backgrounds. We help entrepreneurs reach their full potential through the Foodtech Village Community – providing our corporate partners with our expertise in open innovation and emerging technologies; assisting partner VC swith their portfolio startups and promoting the Sweden Foodtech scene at home and abroad through events and conferences. We open doors – locally and around the world.
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The Ground is a co-working space with a unique culture, tailor made for tech scale ups in Malmö, Sweden. Founded in 2012, The Ground is run by the 135 great minds working at our 20 companies. Everything done at The Ground is human-, animal and nature friendly. Our hard-working entrepreneurs are passionate about sharing expert knowledge within and outside our community. We are always looking for startups thirsty for growth, are you ready to move to the next level?
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Yield Lab Europe provides venture capital funding up to €2m per company and runs an annual accelerator that supports early stage companies with €100,000 investment and tailored supports.  In addition to providing capital, Yield Lab Europe provides access to individualized mentoring from industry experts, access to the premiere Agri Food/ Ag Tech accelerator in Ireland, and access to the Yield Lab global network of experts, corporates and investors all around the world to enable companies to successfully scale and commercialise internationally.
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At Eatable Adventures we believe startups are leading the way creating solutions to transform how food is produced, transformed and consumed. We connect the most disruptive food startups with corporations and investors, developing the right collaborations with a mission: building tomorrow’s food companies exclusively dedicated to the food industry with focus on growth This give us a unique perspective of: * The startups thriving in this market * Corporate activities, strategies, with their evolution and results. * Financial markets bets on startups and sectors