Monday 12 October 
08.00-17.30 UK time


Tech in focus live webcast Q&A and discussion

Next gen alternative proteins and dairy alternatives

As meatless burgers, the chickenless egg and dairy alternatives become a mainstream option for consumers, speakers will look ahead to what’s coming down the line, exploring the very latest science and technology being developed today that will influence new foods for the future.

Moderator: Dr-ing Florian Wild, Food Tech Consultant, Food Tech Consulting

Carole Bingley, Senior Associate Principal Scientist, Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL)

Shlomi Goren, Co-Founder, Rilbite

Nicolas Hartmann, Co-Founder, vly

Tech in focus live webcast Q&A and discussion

Feeding the world with big data and AI

Data-driven farming is transforming the agricultural ecosystem but is the farmer ready for AI and machine learning? What are the challenges of implementing it and where is it needed most? What are the latest solutions being developed to take control of data collection and management and data security? 

Moderator: David Flanders, Chief Executive Officer, Agrimetrics

Sarel Ashkenazy, CEO, Seed-X

Conan Condon, Director of InTouch, Alltech

Emmanuel Delerm, Director of Blockchain Projects, Carrefour

Kirill Zelenski, CEO, iFarm


Foodtech futures live panel debate: Are we innovating fast enough to feed 10 billion people sustainably?

We know that the global food system needs radical transformation if it is going to feed 10 billion people sustainably by 2050, but is this happening fast enough? Covid-19 has certainly highlighted the fundamental value of food and the urgent need to accelerate the pace of change and disruption. Where is new innovation needed most and how is this being met by the foodtech community? Is open innovation in the food industry working and what are the specific challenges we face now as we move towards the next phase of recovery? Expert speakers come together to discuss how we can overcome these challenges and harness new opportunities for greater corporate/start-up collaboration that will deliver genuine change and action.

Moderator: Belinda Clarke, Director, Agri-TechE

Merijn Dols, Global Director of Open Innovation and Circular Economy for Food, Danone

Gil Horsky, Director of Innovation SnackFutures, Mondelez International

Serpil Tascioglu, Director Foods Innovation & Transformation, Unilever


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Live panel debate: Next-gen farming and game-changing agtech solutions

As we seek new and innovative ways to disrupt and improve global food production, without putting further pressure on the environment, the agri-food industry is turning to technology for the answer. What is the role of agtech in tackling climate change? What solutions are being developed that can be scaled up to have a real impact on environmental and sustainability issues associated with intensive agriculture? Are they meeting the needs of the farmer? What will be the impact of robotics, sensors, AI and other ag tech on food security and food quality?

Moderator: Christine Gould, Founder and CEO, Thought for Food

Stefan Fürnsinn, Senior Vice President Digital Farming, Yara International

Professor James Lowenberg-DeBoer, Elizabeth Creek Chair of Agri-Tech Economics, Harper Adams University

Paul Rous, Investor/Mentor, SHAKE Climate Change

Matija Zulj, CEO & Founder, Agrivi


Virtual 1-2-1 networking meetings powered by Food Tech Matters


Speed pitching roundtable

Six selected start-ups will get the unique opportunity to pitch to four foodtech investors in this virtual roundtable. Each start-up will have three minutes to pitch (share-screen will be available) followed by three minutes feedback from the investor panel.

Investor panel includes:

Andrew Ive, Founder, Big Idea Ventures

Gil Horsky, Director of Innovation SnackFutures, Mondelez International

Carsten Krome, Managing Partner, HATCH


Roundtable: How to spot an investment-worthy innovator (and how to be one): the objective approach

How do you objectively determine that a product or company is a worthy investment? How do you ensure you bought into something unique that won’t be undersold, and its value eroded by copycats? In this session for investors, buyers, and innovators, Mathys & Squire reveals the often-overlooked, yet crucial, piece of the puzzle in maximising investment potential and ROI, and provides a guide to help innovators recognise and identify untapped value that they may be generating.

Christopher Hamer, Partner, Mathys & Squire

David Hobson, Partner, Mathys & Squire


Live panel debate: Indoor and vertical farming – improving the sustainability of food production to boost stability and resilience

COVID-19 has put a spotlight on national and local food supply chains. Rethinking the way we grow crops and farm for the future will be vital as we transition out of this pandemic. Agriculture is expanding with new and innovative farming practices and enabling technologies to revolutionise food production using techniques such as indoor and vertical farming, hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics. Indoor farming technology is set to nearly double to $40 billion by 2022 and the vertical farming market will have grown by 24.8% between 2016 and 2022. Speakers will explore their key role in enabling access to healthy and sustainable foods, commercial viability and the new opportunities for growth and investment. 

Moderator: Patrick Harte, Head of Commercial, CambridgeHOK

Justin Schoemaker, Vice President Business Development & Sales, Infinite Acres

Jonathan Webb, Founder & CEO, AppHarvest

Max Loessl, Co-Founder & CEO, Agrilution


Virtual 1-2-1 networking meetings powered by Food Tech Matters