Thursday 25 June


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The rise and rise of alternative proteins – are we ready for a meat-free future?

Currently valued at $19.5 billion, the alternative protein market is expected to reach $100 billion within the next 15 years. Clearly, there are significant opportunities for investment and development but how far are consumers really on board with alternative protein products? What do we know about consumer attitudes and expectations and how widespread is take-up outside the US market? As we look to the next stage in development, what needs to happen to push alternative proteins into the mainstream?

Andrew Ive, Founder, Big Idea Ventures

Scott Spradley, Executive Vice President and CTO, Tyson Foods

David Wagstaff, Executive Director – Europe, JUST

Costa Yiannoulis, Investment Director, CPT Capital

Tech in focus theatre

Feeding the world with big data and AI

Data-driven farming is on course to transform the agricultural ecosystem, giving farmers more control over their land and more info about its use, all while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Is the farmer ready for AI and machine learning? How can the farmer get real value from AI and what are the challenges being faced in its implementation? Where is product demand? What are the latest solutions being developed to take control of data collection and management and data security?

Sarel Ashkenazy, CEO, Seed-X

Conan Condon, Director, InTouch


1-2-1 meetings and networking coffee



Ask the investor

A chance for start-ups to question and quiz our panel of investors about the current investment landscape for agtech and foodtech solutions and discuss how it could better meet the specific challenges and issues facing start-ups in this sector.



Using new technology for sustainable agricultural supply chains

Agriculture faces huge challenges to improve productivity in a way that is environmentally sustainable and biodiverse. How can innovations help agribusiness deal with these challenges across the supply chain? In this session, leading experts will evaluate the latest technological solutions being developed to create more efficient and sustainable agricultural supply chains. They will explore the potential of new technologies such as big data analytics, AI and automation. Block chain has been at the forefront of proposed technology innovations for agriculture supply chain management. Can it revolutionise food supply from the farm to the fork? What are the next technological innovations which will transform the agriculture supply chain?

Nicky Deasy, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, The Yield Lab Europe

Florence Jeantet, Senior Vice President, Danone 2025 Food and Health Mission, Danone

Hebe-Cecilie Nyquist Naess, CFO, N2 Applied

Claudia Rössler, Director of Agriculture, Azure Global Engineering Group, Microsoft

Tech in focus theatre

Towards a circular economy for food

This session will take an in-depth look at how new technologies and foodtech start-ups in areas including food waste tech, sustainable packaging, innovative food processes and regenerative agriculture are helping to shift the food industry towards a circular economy for food. Where are we now and where are new ideas and innovation needed to accelerate change?

Led by: Merijn Dols, Global Director of Open Innovation and Circular Economy for Food, Danone


1-2-1 meetings and networking lunch



Start-up pitch sessions: Meet the disruptors

Six of today’s most exciting agri-foodtech start-ups take to the floor to present their solutions and receive expert feedback from the investor panel. Each start-up with have three minutes to pitch plus three minutes of feedback and questions from the panel.

Selection will be via an application process open to all registered start-ups.

Investor judging panel:

Nadav Berger, Founder and Managing Partner, PeakBridge Partners

Rogier Pieterse, Managing Director, Pymwymic

Jewell Sparks, Founder and CEO, BiTHOUSE Group

Tech in focus theatre

Is regenerative agriculture the future of farming?

Regenerative agriculture plays a key role in delivering agricultural systems that are more diverse, more productive and better for the environment. During this session, leading experts will explore the solutions being developed to support farmers transitioning to sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices. What strategies are necessary for it to be a profitable activity for farmers? What and why do investors need to know about soil health? Why are investors looking at regenerative agriculture and where are the opportunities?

Moderated by: Kevin Camphuis, Co-founder / FoodTech expert, ShakeUpFactory

Mark Durno, Managing Partner AgriFood, Rockstart

Florence Jeantet, Senior Vice President, Danone 2025 Food and Health Mission, Danone



Supporting women in agri-foodtech

A recent report found that female founders in the agri-foodtech industry are receiving a fraction of the multi-billion investment deals being secured worldwide and are often held to a different standard when seeking potential investment. This interactive workshop brings together mentors and leaders to address funding inequality in the sector and explore the work that needs to be done by investors specifically, and the sector as a whole, to better support women leaders.

Nicky Deasy, Managing Partner, The Yield Lab Europe

Christine Gould, Founder and CEO, Thought for Food

Carmit Oron, CEO & Co-Founder, The ACT Hub

Claudia Rössler, Director of Agriculture, Azure Global Engineering Group, Microsoft

Tech in focus theatre

Fostering agricultural innovation for the smart farmer

New technology and digital farming solutions are disrupting farming communities and how farming happens. It is essential that farmers are involved in these solutions. This session will look at how we can bridge the gap between innovation and market acceptance and improve the collaboration between industry and farmer. What do progressive farmers need from the technology and investors? How can digitalisation support farmers in their daily work, enhance productivity, reduce workload and improve their profitability? How can technology be implemented alongside other pieces of technology already on the farm?

Ole Green, CEO & Founder, Agro Intelligence

Paul Rous, Lead, SHAKE ClimateChange



The future of food and farming – can agri-foodtech save the planet?

Looking ahead, how will the investment landscape evolve and what will it look like in 2030? How will health, environmental and animal welfare concerns further disrupt the supply chain and transform the global food system and which consumer trends will be driving next-level innovation in food? Experts, investors and start-ups will come together to discuss the direction of travel and make their predictions for the future.

Scott Spradley, Executive Vice President and CTO, Tyson Foods

Jonathan Webb, Founder & CEO, AppHarvest


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