Here are just a few of the start-ups attending this year’s event: is an award winning on line grocery retailer operating in Athens, Greece. The service was launched in 2016 and offers a range of 15,000 product lines, including food , non food items and fresh produce to 60,000 registered users. A technology driven organisation with in house, robotics-led fulfilment centres, can pick and pack a 35 items order in 4’. As a result offers 3 hours home deliveries, even if orders are placed late in the day.   The business is focused on e-commerce for groceries, with a business model custom built to support e-commerce & food challenges. grew by 93% in 2018 and is now looking to further expand its offering of hassle-free grocery shopping to a wider range of busy consumers.

SmartWithFood is a Food Intelligence platform taking the complexity out of food shopping. SmartWithFood develops strong long-term relationships with retailers and other food businesses to grow deeply the power of its algorithms and the ecosystem to deliver upon its ambition to offer consumers a virtual assistant to help consumers live a healthy & happy life.

Protifarm produces large quantities of sustainable, high quality insect ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industry and is based in Ermelo, The Netherlands. The company history started in 1981 with the founding of Kreca. Kreca is amongst the most recognised and respected insect producers worldwide with in-house knowledge of and experience with the rearing of more than ten species of insects (different species of mealworms, grasshoppers, crickets etc). produces plant-based, tasty meat alternatives predominantly made from soy bean protein, water and pea protein. With a vast product range with both ‘ready to cook’ and ‘ready to eat’ meat imitations.


The Meatless Farm Co has developed an amazing plant-based mince and burger patty loaded with taste and texture. Created with the aim to help people reduce their meat consumption and make swapping easy. The mince and burgers are high in protein, a great source of fibre, and vegan friendly.

Food waste costs the hospitality industry over $100bn annually. Kitchens can waste up to 20% of food purchased, often equivalent to their total net profits. What gets measured gets managed, and by using data intelligently kitchens can be made more efficient. Winnow develops technology to help chefs achieve greater visibility in their kitchens and make better decisions that lead to dramatically reduced food waste and costs.

Wynd develops Wynd, digitalization and software as a service (SaaS) software editing solutions for points of sale worldwide. It offers omnichannel point of sale (POS) cash management system for cashier to centralize the orders, track status, receive payment for online orders, and finalize those taken on wireless tablets for mobile POS, production display, and fast deployment.

Too Good to Go is an innovative app that lets everyone do their bit to reduce waste, while also getting delicious food and supporting local businesses. The businesses get to reduce their waste and also have potential new customers try out their food. Both contribute to a better environment.

Wasteless is the world’s first machine-learning solution with real-time tracking for grocery stores looking to offer customers dynamic pricing based on a product’s expiration date. The result is reduced food waste and increased revenue by enabling dynamic pricing for grocers.

The Small Robot Company is an agri-tech start up commercialising a deceptively simple idea: small robots not big tractors. Currently, 90% of energy is used ploughing and cultivation. And ploughing is only necessary because of heavy machinery crushing soil.  The Small Robot Company builds robots that will seed and care for each individual plant in your crop. They will only feed and spray the plants that need it, giving them the perfect levels nutrients and support, with no waste.

Agroop is an AgTech company focused on helping farmers to save resources, prevent risks and maximise your production.  The perfect solution for farmers who want to monitor water needs, prevent and mitigate production risks, and improve productivity.

CozZo is a kitchen management platform for households which assist in avoiding any spoiled food and making optimal grocery shopping and meal planning.  Consumers can save time and money with the checklist and pantry organiser, built with the latest Apple technology, predictive intelligence and innovative design.

Daring foods are made up of a few simple, natural ingredients, namely wheat and potato protein, delivering that meaty chew and essential nutrition. Packed with plant proteins, the foods are 100% Palm oil & GMO free, and use just a fraction of the water and land in production compared to animal meats, meaning that they are better for you and better for the environment too!

Flexciton offers a simple, powerful software that can be implemented within any manufacturing facility.  Using patented AI algorithms, the software searches for the single best planning and scheduling solution at the click of a button.  The revolutionary technology can save manufacturers up to 20% in operational cost, with zero capital expense required.

Mealz is a recipe distribution platform that allows brands and bloggers to publish high-quality recipes, articles, and other food-related content. The platform attracts significant traffic, mainly from the UK and USA. Beyond recipe publishing and distribution functionality, they also offer a number of cooking productivity features, such as meal plans, cookbooks and a personal diet planner.

myDNAhealth brings together science, human behaviour and technology to facilitate a shift from a “one-size-fits-all” diet type to a personalised nutrition approach aimed at preventing health problems and improving lifespan. The company does this by researching gene-nutrient and gene-environment interactions which is developed into genotypes predicting risk for certain chronic conditions. The multivariate algorithm recommends a personalised nutrition plan, including nutrient values, from a database of 2.5 million recipes to reduce disease risk.

A profitable and affordable hydroponic growing system for the commercial grower, Phytoponics provides high performance deep water culture growing in an all in one system for the greenhouse. Scaleable, sustainable and adaptable, Phytoponics grows plants from transplant into crop, and works with tomatoes, peppers, aubergine, medicinal cannabis, cucumbers, strawberries and more.

Rootwave uses electricity to kill weeds using no chemicals to offer a scaleable and sustainable alternative to herbicides. RootWave is integrating its technology into automated weeders for agriculture.

Siga takes a collaborative approach to improving food quality based on the only food processing index. Whilst many companies adhere to clean labeling, lists of short ingredients, healthy and natural products, Siga provides the market with a scientific indicator to formalise, evaluate and promote all these initiatives.

Verdify is on a mission to make personalized food an exciting experience for achieving health goals. This is done by providing an entertaining and engaging application for daily meal planning. With Verdify users can benefit from the latest scientific insights into nutrition and health in combination with the taste experience from professional chef-designed recipes. Verdify works from privacy by default and in line with nutritional and medical guidelines.

FoodSay is a free to use smart dietician app. Each person has unique combination of allergies, tastes, likes and dislikes. FoodSay is a continuous learning platform of all its user’s food combinations. After iterative analysis, FoodSay recommends most nutritionally appropriate and allergy free food to each user, based on their activity levels, previous consumptions, seasons and meal times. FoodSay aims to gradually help each user easily follow a diet plan without any pressure and with all their diet goals in consideration with a potential of being adventurous too!  The first version of prototype is also available at:

Feedr is an online platform transforming how people eat at work, everyday. We give employees access to healthy food whilst at the office, using smart technology that unlocks spare capacity in some of London’s most interesting restaurants and healthy eateries.

Fresh Check is revolutionising the way we understand safety, by providing the first affordable method to test surfaces for bacterial, chemical and other contamination with a simple colour change.

Better Nature’s aim is to create a food system that is better for people and better for the planet. By applying a 21st-century scientific lens to tempeh fermentation, a 300-year-old food process that originated in Indonesia, they hope to produce the world’s most nutritious and delicious tempeh-based food products. They have a patented a technology that will allow for the decentralisation of production of plant-based protein, allowing people to create this high-protein vegan food in their homes. Their product is a high-protein crisp and they intend to release other lines of products such as bars, ready-to-heat meals, and ready-to-cook options to help their customers lead better lives.  

Phytolon is aiming to take the food colorants market by storm with its betaliain-based natural products. Phytolon uses fermentation to produce beta lain pigments originally found in plants, which have proven antioxidant effects.  The resulting products are a broad spectrum of purified food colours, highly suitable for various food applications in terms of both cost and stability.

Tried and Supplied is a searchable database of specialist food and drink suppliers from around the UK designed to help the food service industry reduce food miles and support local businesses.  Mostly smaller-scale producers, their suppliers are passionate about what they do and produce high quality food and drink, often going above and beyond to follow sustainable production methods.

CaribSwede Vegan Bakery Company (CSVBC) the Family Food Fusion of Sweden and the Caribbean. The concept of accessibility of Good Vegan Food on the Go… the aim of strategically placed “Mini CSVBC Cubes” in places where people are on the Go. Giving the option of Good Healthy Plant Based Food for everyone.

Karakuri is a UK based technology company designing, manufacturing and installing robotic automation systems for restaurants, commercial kitchens and caterers. Our goal is to utilise groundbreaking intelligent robotics, to transform how we eat for the better and reduce food waste.

Revotree integrates easy-to-install soil probes, weather status and solenoid valves thanks to a platform capable of managing the devices and the farm operations. The platform allows Real-time data analysis, the sharing of the best practices and the actuation of the watering system, to obtain a natural and ecumenic resource saving, important for farms of every dimension.

microPow offers a new, innovative approach to encapsulation and controlled release of active ingredients such as flavours, colorants, vitamins and minerals for application in food products. miroPow powders are fat-based and additive-free, opening new posssibilities in a broad range of end products. microPow will allow true, long-lasting flavour in chewing gum, fresh, natural colours in shelf-stable food products and coffee that smells and tastes like coffee during the whole shelf life.

The GoKart app enables restaurants to order ingredients at the click of a button, using group buying power to get them at the same prices large chains enjoy.  The platform was built as a way of helping cash-strapped independents fight rising costs and said on average customers saved 20% with sales growing by 30% each month. It charges fees for use of the platform and uses an algorithm to find the best suppliers for customers, who get produce delivered to their door the next day.

xFarm is a software that helps farmers to work, improving data management through a digital campaign notebook and creating all the documents that are fundamental today to track their activities and guarantee their products. Simple use and modern technologies are their focus.

Zymergen, Inc. researches, develops, and manufactures microbes for Fortune 500 companies. It develops molecules for agriculture, chemicals, materials, pharmaceuticals, electronics, personal care, and more applications. The company’s platform integrates automation, machine learning, and genomics to navigate the genomic search space. t uses a technology platform to optimize strains in that improves economics; improves the existing production strains within existing manufacturing processes; and improves the correlation between the lab and commercial manufacturing.

NutriZing is a premium nutrition and health supplements brand with a mission to make people’s lives better through high quality and affordable products.  They focus on the right ingredients and strive to provide a superlative customer experience.

UmYummy Foodlabs manufactures natural and bio-certifiable food ingredients that are taste-intensive and healthy. These ingredients are created efficiently and economically by refining regional raw materials for the respective use in industrial and commercial food production.

Gallimate creates and distributes natural and innovative snacking products based on the multiple virtues brought by the superfoods and designed for daily consumption.  The Gallimate product ranges makes the consumer travel through inspirations from different cultures to discover new flavours whilst bringing the benefits of superfoods.  All products are healthy and 100% natural.

InnovoPro is committed to bringing unique vegan protein ingredients to the global food market to create nutritious, affordable, tasty, safe, and sustainable food products. With an excellent nutrition profile, good taste, wide usability properties, InnovoPro’s chickpea protein is the best choice for the growing vegan protein market.

Blocksyte provides a full end to end application and API for “certificate-based and blockchain secured data, documents and smart-contracts” to optimize supply chain logistics for Small to Medium sized businesses (“SMB’s). Our solution tracks GPS location, temperature, humidity, shock, tampering, altitude and provides instant feedback to help you run your business more efficiently.

BIOerg developed and produces a high molecular-weight dextran NextDext. NextDext is produced with a patent-granted fermentation process and provides customers with more opportunities to develop functional glutei-free foods and prebiotic nutraceuticals.

“Family Secret began when me and my wife travelled on our honeymoon around the globe to loads of amazing destinations and met some amazing people and tasted some awesome recipes.   We had to bring some of these flavours back to the UK.  And try telling QVC that our sauces are lacklustre, with launch in May 2018 to a 1million TV screens and customers UK wide.  Anthea Turner loves our sauces too! And is one of our Brand Advocates.  And, Coop Midcounties, Ocado and Blakemore Fine Foods have all listed us!

Ötzibrew brings the highest quality natural products – starting with medicinal mushrooms – to the market in a user-friendly and environmentally conscious way.

Agrobotix has developed the world’s first universal, autonomous vegetable cultivating machine, which is able to do 45% of all work on the farm from the beginning of the cultivation season till its end, and still the same machine is usable for several types of vegetables. Thanks to its unique construction and approach it has 0 negative effect on the environment (soil, water, air), allowing the soil to naturally restore its quality, thanks to what we are able to harvest truly 100% BIO vegetables of the highest possible quality.

SeedTrace allows food companies to show credible insights into the origins and sustainability of their food products to end customers – beyond expensive certifications, such as “EU organic”. Only few small and medium-sized farms in developing countries can afford certifications such as “EU organic” or “Fairtrade”, despite often using organic practices for generations. The approach of SeedTrace is to ensure food production processes are documented with photos, videos and informative interviews on the spot by our global network of sustainability consultants and photographers. A QR-Code on the end product allows to make these documented production practices transparent to the consumer, creating new markets and revenue streams for food products with origin in developing countries – and at the same time opening new sourcing opportunities for global food companies.

Senoptica has created a ground-breaking packaging sensor technology that will help global food companies avoid killing people. The Senoptica sensor non-invasively indicates pack oxygen levels in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). MAP is a way of extending the shelf life of fresh food products by substituting the atmospheric air inside a package with a protective gas mix. There are over 177 billion MAP packs sold globally every year. The technology is currently undergoing paid trials with two of the largest meat packers in Europe.

Alcarelle is committed to scientific research to gain a better understanding of alcohol, and of alcohol-free alternatives. Their goal is to develop an alcohol-free adult beverage, which imitates the aspects of alcohol that we all want – sociability, relaxation, fun – but without those horrible harmful effects that cause so much damage to our health.

grogro offers prepared baby food that is fresh — so it is nutrient dense and flavoursome. The industry standard for baby food products in pouches or jars, even when organic, is long shelf life at room temperature. grogro is different. It is stored chilled for up to two months, not two years. Using High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology, grogro products are pasteurised cold. This method inactivates pathogens but also keeps nutrients and taste intact. Developed by nutritionist and writer Malin Bruset in scandinavia, each product is carefully crafted as a complete balanced meal with premium organic ingredients. grogro will be launched in Norway, Sweden and the UK in 2020.

Zero Waste Biotech Limited (ZWB) is an innovative renewables and waste reduction company, with the main goal of reducing human kind’s footprint on the planet, through solutions aimed at reducing waste via technology, increasing renewable energy consumption and changing commercial behaviours through commerciality rather than social responsibility. It is our view that the greatest driver of change within a commercial entity is via increased margins; therefore our solutions increase company’s margins by reducing their costs.

Good Club is creating the world’s first fully sustainable grocery service: Sustainably produced and sustainable (reusable) delivery and product packaging. We aim to make this accessible by creating a more efficient process: cutting out middlemen, not selling fresh, and only selling a narrow range (which means less operational complexity and hitting buying economies sooner). 

Manna creates healthy and award-winning snacks using natural and
nutrient-dense ingredients. Free From Dairy Gluten Soy.The wholesome treats help maintain your energy levels and keep those sugarcravings at bay.

Little Tummy is the first digital vertical children’s food brand in Europe. We sell fresh, organic and pediatrician-approved baby meal plans through an online subscription model in the UK. Currently, the baby food market is dominated by highly-processed foods distributed through traditional retail channels.  We’re incorporating the latest research on infant research and using an innovative cold-pressure method to produce fresh and healthier baby foods plus building a digital vertical integrated business.

Calorie Balance explores international cultures and cuisines, identifying which products would meet Chinese demand most closely.  By Partnering with UK specialists they design and manufacture innovative food products, adapted to the Chinese market using food supplements

EVIGENCE SENSORS™ exist to solve the riddle of the freshness lifecycle across a wide range of perishable products and for the benefit of all stakeholders in the brand-through-consumer delivery chain.  By moving away from the antiquated and arbitrary use-by-date system we empower handlers and users to make far more informed decisions as to the freshness of their products, helping to reduce waste, save money and increase their enjoyment and overall experience.

Through a combination of services, ManaGi raises awareness around Greek culinary traditions and culture whilst promoting the many Greek farmers and producers who are driven by professionalism, persistence to high quality, and good team spirit, and thus creating innovative conditions for the marketing of their products.

Mary’s Recipes is an award wining personalised menu and recipe planning app, available on the App Store and Google Play in Russia and other countries.  The app provides time-poor families with a balanced and convenient diet and complete ingredients shopping list from a professional nutritionist in one click

E&Co aims to reverse the climate change impact of meat farming by producing meat from cells.  They are aiming to develop our own bio-scaffolding technology within 3-5 years that will enable them to replicate meat li-efor-like in the food industry and in the further future to use the technology for medical application