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Nutraceuticals and novel ingredients continue to play an essential role in improving diet related health. Discover the latest innovative nutraceuticals and novel ingredients driving product and market development.

Science is unlocking the secrets and potential of the human biome with growing recognition that a healthy gut paves the way to a healthier body, and promising huge advances in treating disease and long term conditions. Find out what new innovations are improving the quality of our diets and health through our understanding of the microbiome.

Huge advances in science and technology are driving the personalised nutrition agenda and consumer interest in gene editing as a positive force. Both promise to fundamentally change the way we consume food. From new functional food technologies through to 3D print, discover what technologies are shaping the future of food, health and nutrition.

Demand for alternative proteins is on the rise, from the need to secure a sustainable food system, to the more environmentally and health conscious consumer. Huge developments have been made in sourcing and producing viable alternatives to meat. Evaluate the innovations driving market development and consumer readiness and the alternative proteins on the horizon that are primed for commercial success.

Sustainability across the supply chain is a win both environmentally and economically. As the clean label movement continues to grow, consumers want assurance from across the whole supply chain. See the latest innovations in food technology are supporting food security and discover the new ingredients and products offering a more sustainable solution.

From food production to personalised nutrition, AI’s potential to the food industry cannot be underplayed. Explore the applications that are making efficiencies across the industry and having an impact both on the bottom line and on the future of food security.

The packaging industry is undergoing a period of major transformation, fuelled by growing demand from more environmentally conscious consumers. Food Tech Matters will showcase new technologies that are redefining sustainable packaging and the opportunities they provide across the supply chain.

Over a third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted, from the production plant to the household bin. Pioneering technologies are finding ways to harvest waste for viable alternative and commercial solutions across the supply chain. Discover the food waste innovations winning the war on waste.

As consumers become ever more health conscious, the market opportunity for dietary technologies continues to grow. Evaluate the consumer appetite for dietary tech, assess how the market is market moving and identify the disruptors ready to take centre stage