Among the April agtech start-ups confirmed were;

Will Wells Founder & CEO at Hummingbird Technologies
Ian Wheal Founder & CEO at Breedr
Andrew Diprose Chief Executive Officer at RootWave
James Alden Founder at Climate Edge
Adam Dixon Co-Founder of Phytoponics

Regional harvest maps ,AI/ ML powered and process automation focused b2b digital platform integrated with routing system led Supply Chain network (Agrazon E-Mandi).  Building harvest intelligence systems to create highly optimised, resourced F&V Supply Chain solutions and resources containing post harvest damages as much as 5+ percent in next 3 years.

Our mission is to simplify livestock farming, helping you produce and market more profitable animals with higher welfare and less waste.  At the heart of Breedr are our amazing farmers who share our vision for a highly productive and sustainable meat industry, supplying the highest quality meat our consumers dem


Climate Edge develops digital tools to support organisations deliver valuable services to smallholder farmers and communities in emerging markets.  Our tools make it effortless and painless to make bespoke services which utilise SMS, IVR and WhatsApp, and which can be integrated with data services such as weather forecasts, market information, and a plethora more.

EcoNomad Solutions is an agritech / cleantech start-up. Our ambition is to reduce environmental impact of livestock smallholdings through animal waste-to-energy conversion on small scale and locally. Using a number of proprietary technologies, we deliver affordable and easy to use solutions for small size farms to increase their ability to operate sustainably, off the grid and benefit from that.

EntoCube is a Nordic leader in food insect farming solutions. They offer state of the art farming solutions for production of edible insects at commercial scales. The premium Samu crickets are available for wholesale and for the food industry.

MapMyApple helps you by predicting diseases and pests in your apple orchard 7 days in advance, saves you money by optimizing the number of spraying activities and improving the quality of the fruit.  MapMyApple reduces spraying costs significantly by spraying only when there’s a risk of infection and increase yields and fruit quality by protecting timely. 

The award-winning Hargol – Hebrew for grasshopper – is tapping into two key elements driving the global food and agriculture ecosystems – nutrition and sustainability. And with a new line of grasshoppers, Hargol is hoping to bring this unique nutritional source to more markets.

MyCrops was founded by team members who grew up on and got our hands dirty on family farms. We witnessed firsthand the challenges—and pleasures—of working in orchards, vineyards, and greenhouses. MyCrops provides a Digital Agronomist service by imaging plants and extracting actionable data using machinevision, enabling farmers to improve yields and reduce costs.



NEMIS is a Swiss startup transforming microbiological detection in the fields of food safety, clinical diagnostics, water safety, and animal health. We empower users to minimize their risks by providing a unique lab-free detection system that is simple to use. Our groundbreaking platform technology offers a powerful alternative to existing methods. 

Phytoponics has developed sector leading technology through creative problem solving, product development, DWC agronomy, system integration and commercial horticulture business development, giving Phytoponics a unique edge build from co-founder Adam Dixon’s vision of a scalable, sustainable intensive agriculture that works commercially. Phytoponics serves the agricultural sector, specifically protected horticulture, by increasing the marginal economic and aggregate resource efficiencies of growing fresh produce via their technology.

ProAgni is an agriculture biotech founded by a team of primary producers and industry experts.  ProAgni is focused on improving economic outcomes for producers, whilst helping the industry tackle key global challenges, such as food security, antimicrobial resistance, and reducing emissions.

RootWave uses electricity to kill weeds and is a sustainable and regenerative alternative to chemical herbicides.  RootWave sells a professional weeder and is developing agricultural solutions for cereals, vegetables and fruit crops.  The technology is protected with granted and pending patents.  RootWave is revenue generating and has completed Series A funding.

Powered by existing cellular towers and proprietary software, the Soiltech wireless moisture sensor provides insights farms need to manage operations without difficult setup or extra equipment.  With simple installation, the device automatically shows up in the app, connects to your account, reads the soil type, calibrates, monitors moisture levels, and collects data.

Sibö is a biomaterial company with the purpose of leading the food industry to a sustainable future. We create a series of solutions by farming insects with the help of families and women in rural areas of tropical countries and using circular economy practices to avoid any waste and take advantage of food waste streams from other companies for our farming production, then separating essential bio-components such as protein or fiber, and developing thoughtful innovations that can help the food industry be greener and more efficient.