Among the April consumer apps & e-grocery start-ups confirmed were;

Daria Sopelkina Founder & CEO at Tumchi
Kevin Yu Founder and CEO of SideChef
Aleksey Nikulin Co-founder Lunch.Co
Jochem Bossenbroek Entrepreneur in nutrition and biotech
Peter Wortsman Co Founder and CEO at Greener Beans
Tobias Schubert Co-CEO & Founder of Farmy

We aim to increase the usage of ugly produce in the food industry. We utilize our unique fusion of innovative technology, expertise in design, and knowledge in culinary arts to create magical foods.

EmptyMyFridge is an all-in-one home food waste app that helps you find recipes based on ingredients you already have.  Users can easily track food expiry dates and create a grocery list. Our goal is to make it effortless to reduce home food waste.

We’re building the Evocco app to help people take the first steps towards a greener future by tracking the carbon footprint of their food shopping, and we believe that there’s no tastier place to start than with the food you eat!  

Wedding! Honeymoon! Recipes! Cooking sauces & Snacks company bringing Flavours Around The World to You.  Our sauces have won Great Taste Awards & they are low fat, low sugar, low calories, no added preservatives or additives and no compromise on flavour and taste. Launched in December 2016, our 7 cooking sauces are listed with retailers inc. Ocado, Coop Midcounties, Amazon, wholesale partners & cooking live on QVC. offers more than 10.000 hand-pick products from over 900 authentic producers – find everything for your weekly grocery shopping in one market place online.

Good Club is making sustainable living accessible to everyone. As an online grocer, we provide sustainable brands and staples at 20% to 30% lower than other retailers. Our new Zero Waste range allows customers to buy their staples in reusable pots which are returned to Good Club for cleaning and reuse. 

Greener Beans exists to make shopping more sustainably easy and rewarding. We guide you to make simple swaps, providing suggestions for more sustainable products you could buy.  No change is too small. Together we can all make a real difference to our planet. 

Guditalia is a new and dynamic online platform that offers buyers and distributors a carefully selected range of the highest quality Italian food and beverage at the best price. Designed to be a Single Source Solution for buyers in the food and beverage industry, Guditalia allows its customers to browse, select and with one click buy some of Italy’s finest products quickly, simply and with full traceability. 

LiberEat is a free app to filter food and menus by ingredients for people with specific dietary restrictions.  It’s theonly app that allows you to see the exact menu items at restaurants you and your other saved profiles can have. With over 1400 venues of major chains including Pret, All Bar One, Browns, and Harvester.

Lunch.Co is a marketplace app exclusive for your workplace where colleagues can buy and sell their home-cooked meals to each other. Discover new flavours and meals, evolve your cooking, connect with your colleagues and eat better while doing good and wasting less. This is what transforming lunch at work looks like. 

Mary’s Recipes is a free mobile app that generates a balanced menu plan and helps to buy food in one click. Users will have a personalised weekly plan, along with a customed menu for all of your family’s need

At Plant Jammer, our vision is to fight climate change and stop food waste, by empowering people to cook more plant-based food. How? Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, we unleash people’s creativity in cooking. With the Plant Jammer app, people learn to love cooking and discover food pairs they never imagined existed. 

SideChef is an all-in-one home cooking platform and award winning app, allowing users to discover from 16,000 step-by-step recipes, meal plan, order ingredients from online grocers, and control their smart kitchens, in a seamless cooking experience.

Suggestic’s platform enables health-related organizations to build and deliver personalized nutrition programs in a fraction of the time and cost through white label solutions or direct API integration. Powered by proprietary artificial intelligence, the Suggestic platform allows for the encoding of dietary programs as rulesets. 

Trusty is a platform that helps food producers to improve Experience and Engagement of the Customers through a full disclosure about the provenance and ingredients of products, journeying through the entire supply-chain. Trusty uses Blockchain technology in order to certify and secure all the information about a product.

Tumchi is a nutritional science company on a mission to restore health, balance and resilience – for people and for the planet. We provide unique analysis of human gut microbiome to create a personalised nutrition solution. One in eight people suffer from poor gut health and a third of food bought is thrown away. 

Verdify develops innovative software for personalised nutrition, powered by artificial intelligence. Verdify has the ultimate ambition of minimising the burden of disease attributable to dietary factors and maximising the health benefit of diets, globally. This is pursued by implementing an AI-powered platform for guideline-based recipe personalisation. 

WeResQ is an integrated app that helps you manage your food at home so that you optimize your kitchen while saving money.  Our mission is to provide busy people with the best practical and enjoyable tool to manage their pantry and minimize their food waste at home