Tuesday 13 October
08.00-17.30 UK time


Tech in focus live webcast Q&A and discussion

Harnessing foodtech to fight loss and waste

Now more than ever, the food and drink industry is under increasing pressure to reduce its plastic footprint and combat waste as the global pandemic and associated lockdown measures means that food waste is now at an all-time high. At the same time, this means that the investment and business opportunity for start-ups and innovators focused on developing food waste technologies and solutions is more important than ever. This session will explore the latest tech innovations, looking at what’s coming down the line as we move towards a circular economy for food and look ahead to a more sustainable post-Covid future.

Moderator: Ivaylo Dimov, Consultant and ESG Services Lead, Sancroft International

Merijn Dols, Global Director of Open Innovation and Circular Economy for Food, Danone

Elsa Bernadotte, Founder, Karma

Tech in focus live webcast Q&A and discussion

Is regenerative agriculture the future of farming?

Regenerative agriculture plays a key role in delivering agricultural systems that are more diverse, more productive and better for the environment. Leading experts explore the solutions being developed to support farmers transitioning to sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices. What strategies are necessary for it to be a profitable activity for farmers? What and why do investors need to know about soil health? Why are investors looking at regenerative agriculture and where are the opportunities?

Moderator: Joseph Gridley, RIS Business Development Manager, EIT Food

Mark Durno, Managing Partner AgriFood, Rockstart

Florence Jeantet, Senior Vice President, Danone 2025 Food and Health Mission, Danone

Benedikt Bösel, Founder & CEO, Gut & Boesel


Live panel debate: Next-gen technology, the rise of the robots and the future of food retail

As we look ahead and think about how consumers will shop for food in the future, this session explores how the growth in food e-commerce has been accelerated as a result of Covid-19. Home quarantine and lockdown measures helped to drive strong growth, particularly with previously hard to reach audiences, and as figures indicate that they will convert to steadfast users in the post-pandemic world, it looks like a trend that is here to stay. What learning can we take forward from the pandemic, are there other unexpected opportunities that have emerged and what role will technology play in transforming future food retail strategies?

Alon Chen, Founder and CEO, TasteWise

Fabio Ziemssen, Director Food Innovation, NX-FOOD (METRO AG)

José Luis Cabañero, CEO, Eatable Adventures


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Speed pitching roundtable

Six selected start-ups will get the unique opportunity to pitch to four foodtech investors in this virtual roundtable. Each start-up will have three minutes to pitch (share-screen will be available) followed by three minutes feedback from the investor panel.

Investor panel includes:

Mario Lebherz, Managing Director, Atlantic Food Labs

Ivan Farneti, Managing Partner, Five Seasons Ventures

Jewell Sparks, Founder and CEO, BiTHOUSE Group

Scott Simpkin, Senior Campaigns Associate and Team Manager, Seedrs


Live panel debate: The rise of alternative proteins – are we ready for a meat-free future?

The coronavirus pandemic has put the spotlight on issues around food safety and security and we have seen a significant upturn in the number of consumers favouring plant-based protein over meat. Figures show that sales of plant-based meat alternative products have been booming since the outbreak with big meat corporations and FMGC brands investing more heavily than ever in the alternative proteins market as they seek to diversity their business models and weather the coronavirus storm. Clearly, there are significant opportunities for investment and development but will the current level of consumer interest translate into long term demand that is enough to propel alternative proteins into the mainstream?

Moderator: Costa Yiannoulis, Investment Director, CPT Capital

Andrew Ive, Founder, Big Idea Ventures

David Wagstaff, Executive Director – Europe, Eat Just

Tim Geistlinger, CTO, Perfect Day

Jürgen Engerisser, President & Directeur Innovation, La Revolution Champignon


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Live panel debate: Using technology for sustainable agricultural supply chains

Agriculture, now more than ever, faces huge challenges to improve productivity in a way that is environmentally sustainable and biodiverse. How can innovations help agribusiness deal with these challenges across the supply chain? Leading experts will evaluate the latest technological solutions being developed to create more efficient and sustainable agricultural supply chains. They will explore the potential of new technologies such as big data analytics, AI and automation. Block chain has been at the forefront of proposed technology innovations for agriculture supply chain management. Can it revolutionise food supply from the farm to the fork? What are the next technological innovations which will transform the agriculture supply chain?

Moderator: Ivaylo Dimov, Consultant and ESG Services Lead, Sancroft International

Nicky Deasy, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, The Yield Lab Europe

Florence Jeantet, Senior Vice President, Danone 2025 Food and Health Mission, Danone

Claudia Rössler, Director of Agriculture, Azure Global Engineering Group, Microsoft

Alessandro Petrucciani, Co-founder, Foodcircle


Virtual 1-2-1 networking meetings powered by Food Tech Matters